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Deacon Blue

Believers 180g Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 30/09/2016

Discs: 1

Deacon Blue advance their vast creative and commercial renaissance with the
release of their brand new studio album “Believers”.
‘Believers’ is the third part of a trilogy that begun with ‘The Hipsters’ in 2012 and
continued with ‘A New House’ in 2014. As such it continues a songwriting
trajectory that is all rich, idiosyncratic and sharply honed at once– and inevitably
coloured by a sense of urgency to make sense of recent events, both personal and
The first single ‘The Believers’ is a song reflecting, in part, on the scenes of
despair among refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean and elsewhere –
but nevertheless cast as an anthem of hope.
‘Believers’ is the band’s 8th studio album and consists of 12 tracks, written or cowritten
by Ricky Ross. The record was produced and mixed by producer and
friend Paul Savage (Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Twilight Sad, Wu Lyf) who
previously worked with the band on ‘The Hipsters’. Two tracks were mixed by
Grammy award winning Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayor).
Ricky Ross says of the album trilogy now completed with the new record: “”The
Hipsters” was about the band – my love letter to Deacon Blue. Our last album “A
New House” was about our country, Scotland. This album is about the journey we
all take into the dark. You come to that point in your life where – whatever you’ve
been told, whatever the evidence you’ve been presented with – you just don’t
know what the answer is. At which point you can only rely on instincts of your
heart. You either take the leap or you don’t.”
And Deacon Blue sure did – and what a big leap they took!

Side 1

1. The Believers
2. This Is A Love Song
3. I Will and I Won't
4. Meteors
5. Gone
6. What I Left Out

Side 2

7. A Boy
8. Birds
9. You Can't Know Everything
10. Delivery Man
11. Come Awake
12. B Boy